Princess Kisa Rose Uchiha

Kisa with Leporad bg

Voice would be by
Chloe Mortez
January 20th
Age (at first appearance)
No information
First Appearance
Rini, the Pixie of Cuteness
Speedy, the cheetah cub
__,the two tailed cat
Darling, the peacock
Fauna, Selkie of Trophinia's Ocean Gates
Daemon, Eagle Birdian
______ (fianee/boyfriend)
Tenzin Uchiha & Margret Uchiha (parents)
Jack Uchiha (eldest brother; deceased)
Isaac Uchiha (2nd eldest brother)
Ian Uchiha (3rd eldest brother)
Ethan Uchiha & Hillary Uchiha (paternal grandparents)
Dean Fulkner & Analise Fulkner (maternal grandparents)
Logan Fulkner (uncle) & Kimberly Fulkner (aunt)
Zeek Fulkner (uncle) & Daisy Fulkner (aunt)
Robert Fulkner, Jennet Fulkner, Nala Fulkner & Kevin Fulkner (cousins)
Sofia Rose (best friend since childhood)
Gemma Narayis (best friend since childhood)
Hannah Golding (roommate & close friend)

Princess Kisa Rose Uchiha is the princess of Trophinia and also one of the founding members of the Dreamnix Club. Kisa is also a student going to Alfea. As a fairy she has the powers of Animals. She was the first characters to be introduced.Sofia & Gemma are both of her childhood friends as well as her besties in the whole world.

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